Microwave Devices & Integrated Circuits



Microwave Devices and Integrated Circuits (MDIC) Research Group makes part of Electrical Engineering Department at Information Technology University (ITU) – Lahore, Pakistan.


One of the dynamic areas of research in Electrical Engineering is Solid State Electronics, which involves designing of highly efficient advanced semiconductor devices. Microwave Devices & Integrated Circuits (MDIC) research group is being led by Dr. Tauseef Tauqeer and aims to build strong ties between the faculty and microelectronics cooperation for cutting edge research.

MDIC addresses new technologies to improve the efficiency and performance of integrated systems. The use of advance technologies like Development of Microstrip Antenna, Microwave Integrated Circuits, Physical Device Modeling, Smart Power Metering and Motor Design optimization are studied for the best cost-performance trade off when countering new design projects.

Future demands sustainable energy by saving energy supplies. It is a challenge for today’s researchers to provide clean and safe energy to meet the future needs. One of the solution to save energy is by manufacturing highly efficient electrical and electronic devices. Therefore device level modeling and research is required to build new designs which can benefit in saving energy.

The purpose of this group is to promote interdisciplinary research to integrate various fields of life into Electronics. The research interests are in the field of MMICs, HBTs, Antennas, Power Electronics, ADCs and the physical & parametrical modeling of III–V-based semiconductor devices.

News and Updates

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  • MIT Technology Review Pakistan (Urdu Ed.) launched at ITU
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  • From Circuit Simulation to Prototyping and Measurement using NI Multisim, NI ELVIS and NI Virtual Bench Seminar at Information Technology University Lahore on 3rdSeptember 2015.
  • Hiring of RA - Afnan and Zubair



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